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Immigration Services

There are few mandatory formalities that you must go through, for us to process your UAE residence visa. Don't worry, we will guide you through the entire process and we will be there for you. Our government relation officers will take care of most of the things for you so you can focus on your business and its execution. We are there to support you also with your family or employee visas. With two simple steps your immigration process will be done. First is processing the residency and the next will be combining that with work permit which will allow you to work in the UAE. After your company is formally established in any UAE jurisdiction, your residency visa process will be start. This includes a mandatory medical exam we will be there to assist you with the entire process. The medical examination usually takes a maximum of 5 working days. Predominantly, this can be speeded up with an urgent medical application. After the residence visa is permitted, your passport will receive a permitting stamp. Then, one may obtain an Emirates Identification Card. Individuals wishing to take up employment essential to apply for a compulsory labor card from the Ministry of Labour. Our SFM's dedicated individuals are there throughout this process to assist you and speed up the process where viable.

Visa Procedure

  • The company incorporation must be done, and company should have a legal trade license issued.
  • Then to apply for a ministry of labour allocation for employees of the company. The MOL is concerned in the profession of the proposed employees and their basic personal details. The allocation process can take anywhere between one to five working days to receive the approval.
  • The following step is to electronically upload all the required documents for the Work Permit approval. High ranking skilled positions will need to be justified by delivering authenticated and attested educational certificates. The basic client documents will also be needed here. such as photo and passport copies. This procedure can take a day or should the name check come up with same issues there is actually no limit to how long it will take. Most applications are completed well within a ten working days phase.
  • Deposit payment to the Ministry of Labour will be required after the required permit has been approved, then the file can be transferred to the Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department. From here the process for residence visa starts.
  • Entry permit is issued under the title of 'Residency Permit', this is then sent to customer If they are overseas at the time or given to client if in the country and the essential steps are taken to issue the residency permit to the passport. Those processes as bellow.
  • Permit holder will need to do medical tests in the UAE at chosen medical centers, the results can be acquired within a day or up to 72 hours depending on the insistence of the case and extra fees. There is also a finger printing process and photo capture to issue the Emirates ID card, which is compulsory in the UAE
  • After the medical is complete and has been pass, the official labour contract between employer and employee is create and will need to be sign by individuals.
  • The residency visa is then stamped into the passport of the employee and their Emirates ID and Labour Card are sent through post to the designated address.